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[Column Series]

FXDM, published by Onit Co., Ltd. "Increase the value of your hotel! Room cleaning newsletter" serialized from April 2023

For back issues (PDF download), please visit the Onit Co., Ltd. page below.

2024年   4

vol.13  採用時に気をつけたい注意事項(求人広告編)

2024年   3

vol.12  新しい取り組みを浸透させるには

February 2024

Vol.11 Health Management: Proper hand washing and effective gargling methods

January 2024

Vol.10 Hotel cleaning is the same in Singapore

December 2023

Vol.9 Example of documented tasks and evaluations (hotel cleaning department)


November 2023

Vol.8 Information sharing tools for in-house training

October 2023

Vol.7 Cleaning quality as seen from the cleaning bucket

September 2023

Vol.6 Do you check the smell of your pillow?

August 2023

Vol.5 Before starting human resource development and successor training

July 2023

Vol.4 Checking from the customer's perspective

June 2023

Vol.3 Educational points: How to communicate, thinking habits, and goal awareness

May 2023

Vol.2 The Importance of Inspection in Hotels

April 2023

Vol.1 We want to be of service to hoteliers! We are starting with this wish in mind.

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