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Clean Next Co., Ltd.

On-site consulting specialized in hotel cleaning

It will improve the quality and efficiency of hotel cleaning operations, standardize cleaning quality, and develop and retain personnel.

This is a supportive advisory service that can only be provided by a third-party expert.

Business improvement and consulting services provided by Clean Next

1. Analysis of cleaning process and improvement proposals

We conduct a detailed analysis of your current cleaning process to identify inefficient tasks, inconsistencies in movement patterns, and waste.

We then propose specific improvements to improve work efficiency.

2. Establishment of a quality control system

We will establish a management system to maintain the quality of cleaning services above a certain standard.

We establish a foundation for cleaning quality by creating a cleaning quality checklist and conducting regular quality audits.

3. Proposing and implementing staff training programs

We propose training programs so that cleaning staff can acquire the skills and knowledge necessary to perform their work efficiently and effectively. We can also implement the programs as external instructors.

5. Cost-saving advice

We will perform a cost analysis of your cleaning operations and provide advice on reducing burdensome expenses.

This can be achieved through efficient staffing and the selection of cost-effective cleaning products.

6. Improved customer satisfaction

Improving the quality of cleaning services directly impacts customer satisfaction at your hotel.

Our consulting services involve collecting and analysing customer feedback and proposing ways to use it to improve services.

Services can be provided both in person and online.

In addition , the first consultation is free. Please feel free to contact us.

Some of the frequently asked questions and inquiries are also listed.

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