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Hotel cleaning experts provide operational improvement and human resource development

Clean Next is neither a hotel management company nor a cleaning company.

We are a specialized company that improves hotel cleaning operations and develops human resources.

Why are we providing this service?

This is because the current era requires companies and personnel who can provide the organizational structure, evaluation system, and services specialized in human resource development required for hotel cleaning.

In fact, since our founding, we have received consultations and requests from a variety of companies, including owners of concept hotels, hotel management companies with nationwide operations, and cleaning companies.

We believe that our company has played a major role in streamlining hotel cleaning operations and developing human resources in order to meet the demand for accommodation that supports Japan as a tourism-based nation.


NEW! !

March 29 , 2024

A press release has been issued regarding our collaborative business with Force Valley Concierge Co., Ltd.

"We have secured 500 immediately adaptable, specific skilled personnel specializing in room cleaning! We are bringing South Asia's leading cleaning agents to Japan!"

Issued in March 2024

Issued by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government's Bureau of Industrial and Labor Affairs, Commerce and Industry Department, Management Support Division

Our company's efforts were published in the "Tokyo Metropolitan Government Management Innovation Plan Case Studies for FY2023."

March 29 , 2024

A press release regarding the collaboration was issued.

"Clean Next and Fourth Valley join forces to create cleaning talent for the hospitality industry - Developing inexperienced workers into work-ready personnel and reducing the training period and burden on hotel cleaning sites"

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