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We continuously implement a wide range of programs, from classroom lectures that are difficult to hold on-site to practical exercises and role-playing, to improve staff skills.

A press release regarding the collaboration was issued.

"Clean Next and Fourth Valley join forces to create cleaning talent for the hospitality industry - Developing inexperienced workers into work-ready personnel and reducing the training period and burden on hotel cleaning sites"

Clean Next's Educational Programs and Philosophy




こうした対策と対応をClean nextが共に行い、ホテル清掃現場におけるDXの活用を進めます。

2. Understand hotel standards and guidelines

Promote understanding of hotel cleaning standards and guidelines.

Cleaning practices directly impact a hotel's image and customer satisfaction, so it's important to understand and adhere to standards.

In addition to learning the work procedures, we also focus on acquiring knowledge so that all staff have a common understanding of the knowledge and final cleaning result appropriate to each hotel brand.

3. Strengthening communication skills

At cleaning sites, there are times when communication with guests staying overnight is required.

We encourage cleaning staff to undergo training to strengthen their communication skills so they can interact with guests in a respectful manner.

Participants will learn mindsets, ways of speaking, listening and communicating that can be used not only in communicating with guests staying at the hotel, but also with hotel staff and cleaning staff, and will acquire these skills through practice through role-playing.

4. Quality control and feedback process

Regular quality control is carried out and feedback is provided to improve cleaning operations.

We will check the staff's behavior, work procedures and cleaning results, and provide an evaluation and guidance as necessary.

Quality and skill evaluation from the customer's perspective and by hotel cleaning experts makes on-site problems clearer.

This is a program that receives many inquiries because the skills of our staff are directly linked to the quality of the cleaning and the hotel's customer reviews .

We also provide practical on-site training for checkers and inspectors.

The training period will vary depending on the quality required at each site, the composition of the cleaning staff, the current skills of the staff being trained, etc.

We can also propose programs based on duration and budget.

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